Cafe Giuseppe Espresso (Closed)

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July 9, 2011

My food-writing and bodacious blogging friend and fellow coffee freak Angela Lin writes

“Happy Days, happy days.  Two of my favorite places in Albuquerque are expanding their reach.

“ONE:  Cafe Giuseppe, home to fantabulous espresso, decadent gelato that kicks the crap out of Ecco, and a laid-back feel for sipping cappuccinos or surfing the net on their wifi.  They’re adding a second location downtown near 3rd, right in the vicinity of….

“TWO:  P’tit Louis Bistro, home to kickin’ frog legs (har) and the best lemon tart on this Duke City planet.  Their fame is so unmatched they too are opening another location . . . right near Cafe Giuseppe.

“Bizarre, neato, and I hope they both continue to thrive and receive raves.”

Duck. Here comes another rave.

Iced Double Latte

The Cafe Giuseppe on Silver is a phenom. In a city with no shortage of coffee houses (some unfortunately mediocre), two stand out in my mind: Cafe Giuseppe in Nob Hill and The Oasis in Corrales. Both serve, among other delectable brews, my favorite summer cooler—an iced double latte with skim.

Cafe Giuseppe’s has the edge for flavor. Unbelievably good and rich.

 I can’t report on the other goodies. Diet won’t allow that much sugar yet. Boo.

 Cafe Giuseppe Espresso

 (505) 268-1858

3222 Silver Ave SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106…
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