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Larry's Crabcakes (via Don James, ATM)

Larry’s Crabcakes (via Don James, ATM)

I am retired University Professor (The University of Chicago) and Chief Software Engineer (L-3 Communications, Reston VA). I came to Corrales, New Mexico, via Brooklyn NY, Baltimore MD, Ithaca NY, Chicago IL, and Burtonsville MD. “What,” you may ask, “is an oceanographer doing in the New Mexico high desert?” Looking for chupacabra. Wonderful when barbecued.

I cook. I invent dishes. In the short time that I have been in New Mexico I have eaten in many dozens of restaurants and specialty shops, some great and some really bad. I will tell you which I think are great (Lucia, Artichoke, Jennifer James 101, Budai, Namaste, Mary and Tito’s, …) and which I know are terrible, to be avoided (Village Inn, Blake’s Lotaburger, Casa Vieja, Banana Leaf, Fortune Cookie, The Cooperage …), and I will tell you why. Enjoy my ramblings and rants.

Maryland Crabcakes

I nave been known to make Maryland Crabcakes. Yeah, really, right here in the high desert. You can read about them in Albuquerque The Magazine. Here in Albuquerque, you can get backfin lump crabmeat (blue crabs) at Costco or Sam’s.

These things are simple to make. My recipe is in the magazine. Don’t even think about putting creen chile in them. That’s as bad as putting Old Bay Seasoning in a green chile cheeseburger.

More Maryland Crabs in Albuquerque

Jennifer James of Jennifer James 101 created a dish of Chesapeak e Bay Soft Shell Crabs as one of her special menu items for May 13-14, 20 11. E xcellent. Expect the unexpected here.
Nicole Villareal of Nicky V’s Neighborhood Pizzeria has featured (as a weekend special) my crabcakes served atop Spinach Fettuccine Alfredo. This is not a textbook combination, but this kind of fusion is her signature, and the result is excellent.

It should cone as no surprise that these two restaurants have earned places on my Albuquerque Top Ten Restaurants List. If you like this kind of food, call them and beg for a repeat performance.

More about Maryland Blue Crabs….

Straight from Bawmer, Queen City of the Patapsico Drainage Area, comes yet more straight dope about the Beautiful Swimmers. Check out these Baltimore Sun links.

5 Responses to Who Am I

  1. Rob says:

    Hi Larry,
    Was prompted to send you a quick note by some mutual acquaintances (Andrea Lin, Andrea Feucht, Christophe from P’tit Louis, and Mina Y). We’re just a short 5 hour drive from ABQ :) but if you’re ever down south I’d love to host you at our restaurant. Chantal Foster recently called us “New Mexico’s Alinea at a tenth the price.” I don’t know if I’d go that far, but I think we’re doing cool stuff and would sure like for more people up north to know about it. So if you’re ever down this way, please do let me know.

  2. Sr Plata says:

    Larry, very much enjoyed reading your bio and your review on the Oasis Bistro in Corrales. I walked in there to checkout their menus and saw your review and was immediately impressed. I will have to make a point to try their food, I didn’t realize all the churn they went thru but do remember going there when they first open and wished they would become a ‘real’ restaurant and it appears they are. I am also glad you are friends with my friend Gil G. he is a great guy and I am glad we all have food and the enjoyment of eating thereof in common (as well as similar backgrounds in Software Engineer, where you were doing that ore on one side of the country, I started out on the west coast working at Hughes Aircraft in El Segundo until I made it out to the Southwest and found the world of Integrated Electronics and Green Chile, a wild combination. Anyways, I am glad you are hear and write about your journeys. Shalom from Sr Plata…

  3. Kerry in SATX says:

    Good morning! I came across your website and am enjoying reading about familiar places and learning about new things–I’m in San Antonio but hope to return to New Mexico. In the meantime, periodic trips and websites like yours fill the gap. Perhaps you will try Barelas Coffee House and Cervantes–will be interested in your impressions. If you haven’t already, go to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and then, for a whole body experience, go to a pueblo for their feast day or for Christmas. When I am able, I go with my friends who are from Laguna…

  4. bob of the village of los ranchos says:

    Yo…The Larry….where’d ya like a ride to this week to munch? Fri NOT available.

  5. Diane Gollub says:

    Hi Larry,
    We “met” recently at Dr. Thal’s nutrition class. I am the retired ICU nurse from Alaska. However! I was born and raised in Baltimore! I enjoyed reading you recipe for Maryland crab cakes. My best friend from college is coming for a visit mid February. She will be bringing blue crabs from Maryland via the Gulf. If she scores crab, hopefully she can bring some fresh crabmeat that I will be happy to share. I’ll stay in touch with you IF my friend can get the crab. On an odd day, depending on my budget, I am known to order Dungeness crab from a source in Washington state – old Alaska

    I am enjoying your blog. Thank you for your card. Stay healthy.

    Diane Abrahams – Gollub

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