The Wiener Pizza

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An Albuquerque restaurant owner has come up with a new dish inspired by the scandal that has the whole country making wiener jokes. Luigi’s Restaurant on north Fourth Street is the birthplace of the Anthony Weiner pizza. Owner Luigi Napolitano said his creation is not a tribute to the disgraced congressman, but it is a tribute to the noble member of the tubular meats family that shares his name.

It’s all about the wiener, actually the little cocktail franks in this case, that are the highlight of Napolitano’s new creation.

“I made samples, handed ’em out to customers, and they were just getting a total kick out of it,” said Napolitano while tossing dough for a fresh pizza. “One night I had the whole restaurant just laughing about it when I gave out samples, and it actually turned out pretty good.”

When it comes to Congressman Weiner, Napolitano said every new picture of his package perks up interest in the wiener pizza. And then there’s Albuquerque’s local Wiener, Michael Wiener, the Bernalillo County Commissioner who is under fire for repeating a wiener joke of his own.

Napolitano said customers can order the usual toppings for the wiener pizza.

“You can cover it with onions, mushrooms, green chile, whatever you like to cover it with. This is just the base,” he said, hauling a fresh one out of the oven.

Napolitano said he does use a different pizza sauce than the one he uses for the restaurant’s other pizzas, but he said the ingredients are secret.

—Courtesy Stuart Dyson, KOB Eyewitness News 4


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  1. Schuyler says:

    Nothing beats an Anthony Wiener pizza followed by a cigar from my Monica Lewinski humidor.

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