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Albuquerque gets a new monthly food and restaurant magazine

ABQ Bite

Seth Mossman has recently started publishing a new magazine, The ABQ Bite. The first issue hit the distribution sites in October, the next issue will be available on November 15 at the usual places (350 distribution sites). He writes on his Web site

ABQ Bite“Our city of Albuquerque provides locals and visitors alike with well more than 2,000 different dining restaurants to choose from on any given day or night. Restaurants that open a wide variety of choice for any palate.  With some of the best local ingredients, chefs throughout this great city are able to assemble dishes with flavor like nowhere else on earth. Thus, along with many other great factors, the city of Albuquerque has developed a very high occurrence of eating-out and all around food connoisseurship.

“Within a great food venue, there belongs a great guide to that venue. A guide that produces entertaining and resourceful methods for searching out what may satisfy any desire sought.

“The ABQ BITE has launched in Albuquerque to provide the most enticing entertainment guide and view into the great local food venue this city has to offer. Our publication will avail the interests of every reader through the most interactive and encompassing ways to unite both locals and visitors with the food and dining venue throughout the city, whilst  providing a new and more hip means for restaurants to reach their potential patrons.”

What to expect

    • Only the greatest restaurant reviews!
    • Scavenger hunts; where the winner gets dinner!
    • Sizzling recipes!
    • Chivalry, duh!
    • Food and dining related articles!
    • More chances to win!
    • Various advertising outlets!
    • Local contribution!
    • And so much more!

The issues will also be available on the magazine’s Web site and Facebook pages. Right now, the first edition can be found here as graphic images, but they are impossible to read. I hope that in the near future, the issues will be available a Adobe pdf downloads, which visually challenged folks (like me)  can read on their computer’s magnifying monitor. 

Sample Page (graphic)

I hope to contribute reviews and general interest articles to the new mag. Watch for them. Should be fun. 

Welcome to the Duke City, and may you prosper. 

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