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Really Great Superdiner Food. 

Fourth visit: March 26, 2014 
First visit: June 4, 2008 

exterior pan

 Fathers Day Brunch….

July 27, 2010

logoThe Standard Diner is neither standard nor a diner. But you already knew that. The food is a gastronomic delight — a young chef’s collection of inventions loosely based on typical diner fare. Vive la différence. It is served in the beautifully constructed and a hip built in 1938 along Route 66. No cars here now, just incredible food. Would you believe Meat Loaf that is better than Pâté served in many French restaurants and bistros?ppointed interior of what was originally the Caruthers & Maudlin classic car dealers

An early visit  visit there was a Fathers Day treat supplied by my daughter, son-in-law, two grandchildren (and my lovely wife). Killer brunch buffet. Eggs Benedict with a chipotle-flavored Hollandaise. I had mine with a crabcake (good even by my Maryland standards) taking the place of Canadian Bacon. Chile Cheese Mac. Beautifully eggy French Toast. Carving station. Pastries (save room for these). The list goes on….

Festive atmosphere with perfect service, this was surely among the finest brunches I have had. Anyplace. Watch for these festive day events, and get over there. Early.

Standard Diner is part of the outstanding Matt DiGregory empire, along with Range and Gregorio’s Italian Kitchen.

A Night at the Opera. 



There is no better way to enjoy an evening opera performance (Bizet’s Pearl Fishers at the NHCC by Opera Southwest) than to start out with a really good meal. Since I live in Corrales, my friend Marjorie and I  chose Standard Diner because it is a short hop to the opera venue. 

Good choice. I had forgotten just how good Standard is. And the opera was stunningly beautiful. 

Baltimore Crabcakes

Baltimore Crabcakes

Baltimore Crabcakes 

Good enough, but misnamed. I grew up in Baltimore, and I know Maryland Crabcakes. The Crabcake appetizer, while tasty, should not be labeled “Baltimore.” They are adorned with a Red Chile Remoulade. 

Too much soft filler. I did not detect the required Old Bay Seasoning. If you are not from Maryland, you will probably like these (I did, and so did my companion.).

If you want to make a REAL championship-quality Maryland Crabcake for yourself, look no farther than my own recipe as featured in Albuquerque The Magazine.   

Bacon-Wrapped meatloaf

Bacon-Wrapped meatloaf

Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf 

Meatloaf is a diner staple. The meatloaf at Standard is probably better than any you will find elsewhere, and that is sufficient reason to return to Standard. Often. This dish is legendary.

All beef, wrapped in bacon, and cooked perfectly to a juicy tenderness, this will easily satisfy your palate. It is served with smashers (mashed potatos with tender lumps) and perfectly sautéed veggies. Great gravy.  

Norwegian Salmon

Norwegian Salmon

Grilled  Norwegian Salmon 

Unbelievably phenomenal.  

I have eaten salmon all over the world, including in Alaska where I had some every day  for two weeks.  This salmon at Standard was cooked perfectly— barely crisp at the grill marks and buttery soft on the inside. The first bite of this will really get the salivary glands into high gear. It is served atop a perfectly done risotto containing four vegetables. Large portion, but Marjorie ate everything except the plate (and then got to work on my meatloaf). 

This salmon dish had earned a place on my coveted Best Dishes of 2014 List

Last night I dreamt that I went back to Standard Diner again. That dream will surely  come true soon.  

Oh, what about the opera? It was splendid. A magical evening. 

Standard Diner

(505) 243-1440  


320 Central Ave SE  
Albuquerque, NM 87102


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