Rubio’s Fine Mexican Dining

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Good Food; Good Vibes….

First visit: September 2010



When you’re on the road, hungry, and forgot your iPhone (or other Urbanspoon connector), ask a local where he/she eats. I often have great success with gas jockeys, real estate offices, and UPS drivers. Or you can look for places where the parking lot is loaded with pickups or bikes. Finding ourselves in Aztec, NM. just before noon, a gas jockey recommended Rubio’s as serving the best Mexican for miles around.

Quiet Patio

Quiet Patio

Neither pickups nor bikes were anywhere in sight. We went in anyway and walked through the ominously empty bar/dining room to the outdoor patio where there was one diner flirting with the waitress. The waitress brought salsa (very good) and chips, and we ordered — Lovely Wife got a very good Taco Salad, Visiting Sister had very tasty and properly prepared Chile Rellenos, and I had a Green Chile Cheeseburger and fries smothered with Green. The GCCB was very juicy, tasty, and delicious even though the Green was somewhat on the mild side (I am a fire eater). The fries were, uhh, fries. Our meals were Very good and wholly satisfying.

We left through the bar/dining room which by now was packed and jumping with happy bikers and their babes chowing and beering down, and generally hooting it up. Quite a transformation. It seemed as if they all knew each other. Too bad we needed to get back on the road; I would have enjoyed hanging with these folks.


The bikes showed up while we ate.

The outside now looked like a Harley showroom lot with gleaming hogs on display. Validated one of my search criteria. Party on, dudes.




Some delicious food…

All Food

Steak, Tacos, Wrap, Chicken Fried Steak Breakfast.

 Photos courtesy Rubio’s

 Check Rubio’s Facebook page often for information about musical (and other_ events.

Ashley Edwards

Ashley Edwards


Rubio’s Fine Mexican Dining

Rubio's(505) 334-0599 

116 S Main Ave
Aztec, NM 87410



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  1. Susan says:

    Hi Larry,

    I’m in Australia, and Urbanspoon is my dining bible. I travel and eat out often and appreciate good food, so it’s rare for me to venture into a restaurant without first checking out the reviews on Urbanspoon. My phone sometimes runs flat, so I appreciate your tip re asking a gas jockey, realtor or UPS driver about the best place to eat.

    If I’m ever in Aztec, NM, I’ll be sure to check out Rubios. Good to know they have live music as well as great food.


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