Nicky V’s Tiramisu Recipe

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Nicky V’s Nicole Villareal Makes Us Tiramisu and Helps Cystic Fibrosis Event

November 10, 2011


Nicole Villareal, proprietor of Nicky V’s on the west side, is a multitalented food fan. Watch this (caution—this is not diet food):


Coffee mixture: 8 oz espresso
4 oz Dark Rum
4 oz Kahlua
28 Egg Yolks at room temp
8 oz Sugar
4 lb Mascarpone
2 tblsp Pure Vanilla Extract
12 oz Powdered Sugar
56 Lady Fingers, approx.
12 oz cocoa powder

Mix coffee mixture and heat until simmering in a sauce pot.
After alcohol is burned off, pour into a container and chill.
Whip egg yolks and sugar till light and fluffy
Soften mascarpone, then add the Vanilla then slowly add powdered sugar until well incorporated. Mix until fluffy.
Fold the egg mixture in with the mascarpone mixture with a spatula. Whisk until fluffy and smooth.
Cover and refrigerate.
Dip lady fingers into coffee mixture, lining the bottom of pan with soaked lady fingers
Spread half the mascarpone filling on top of lady fingers in an even layer. Sift cocoa powder on top.
Repeat process for second layer.
Cover tightly and refrigerate overnight.



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