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Lumpy's Cottonwood (Closed)

Yes, Lumpy's fans. Lumpy's has come to Cottonwood.

Latest visit: April 7, 2012
First visit: December 7, 2011  

Just in case you haven't heard the hype yet, the second Lumpy's location has opened.  Right near Cottonwood Mall, the  new place is at 10131 Coors NW, in the Albertsons shopping center parking lot. This is the building long ago vacated by a franchise of the Owl Bar and Cafe in San Antonio. I feel that Lumpy's will de well in this location.

Just to the west of the intersection of Coors Blvd and Seven Bar Loop, it is  just west of Hakata Asian Cuisine [now closed. Sigh.].

The New Lumpy's

Lumpy's Menu Bag

So what's the fuss all about? Why are people rushing to eart here? Probably for several reasons. This Lumpy's is an order-at-the-counter place with about twenty booths and tables to sit down at and eat, so the bad weather should not deter you. Plenty of room, although it can get crowded for weekend lunches. Both Lumpy's are pleasantly gimmicky: The menu is a paper bag and you get to pick your own potato or sweet potato from a bin. Personalize your meal. Right. I recommend ordering a double-patty burger, nominally ¼lb each. I always have burgers with American cheese and green chile—competition style. That's what I ordered on both visits. And I handed the coumter man a medium size sweet potato, and asked for it to be cut into screwy fries. And I asked for the burgers to be cooked medium rare, so as to be still juicy. On both visits I waited anxiously realizing that Murphy's Lawis often operative in places  as this.

GCCB. Weak Green Chile

That's not what I got, either time. First visit resulted in a dry and greasy burger with no juice at all. Second time it came out dry and overcooked but not greasy. And for both visits, the sweet potato in the bag was not used, and I goy string-cut fries, not the screwy fries that I asked for. Both burgers tasted good. Both fries orders tasted good. But the inconsistency and lack of attention to detail is disturbing. The staff needs to pay attention. I have had far superior green chile cheeseburgers at Quarter's, less that a half mile away. And the Quarters fries are very good. GCCB and fries meal at Quarters is $4.99 on weekday lunch special. I don't understand all the fuss about Lumpy's.  The food and preparation are marginal with little consistency. Would I come back to Lumpy's again? Probably. Maybe they had a bad hair day. Twice But three strikes, and they're out.

Interior at the new Lumpy's


Lumpy's Burgers

(505) 899-1022
Paradise Hills 1
10131 Coors Blvd NW Map.b576316
Albuquerque, NM on

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