Jersey Jacks (UNMH)

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Good hospital food is not always an oxymoron

Latest visit: February `5, 2013
First visit:  April 28, 2012

Jersey Jack's

Jersey Jack

Jersey Jack

Jersey Jacks makes delicious made-to-order sandwiches with the freshest and finest ingredients available. With a full breakfast menu for early risers to  salads and sandwiches available daily from 6am – 10pm except Sunday, 6am – 8pm.

Nice surroundings in the modern Barbara and Bill Richardson Pavilion. Jersey Jacks beats the Subway just outside the Lomas entrance (beating Subway is real easy, though). Better than anything I have found at Pres downtown.

There are usually few passable dining choices when you are visiting in a hospital. There is a cantina with steam-table food on the second floor East of UNMH, and I walked in, looked around, and beat a hasty retreat. I have respect for my digestive system, and nothing in here looked even the slightest bit respectable.

Green Chile Cheeseburger

Green Chile Cheeseburger

Surprise! The food at Jersey Jack’s  is much better than I expected. I had a really good 6-oz. GCCB that was juicy and tasty, with lots of smoky green chile that was hotter than I expected (about 8 on a 1 – 10 scale). While good, this burger will not earn a place on my GCCB Hall of Fame, but it was vastly superior to the below ordinary stuff available at such undeservedly popular places as Blakes. Good, but not great, fries. Depends on whether or not the cook is watching the fry basket.

#1 Two Country Fresh Eggs

#1 Two Country Fresh Eggs

#1 Two Country Fresh Eggs

Cooked any style served with hash browns, toast and your choice of bacon or sausage.

The scrambled eggs breakfast with sausage patties and hash browns is  more that adequate. Potatos are a tad mushy, sausage is like supermarket stuff, but the freshly cooked eggs are really good if you ask the cook for them wet. Beats the rubbery steam table eggs you get upstairs or in other food service places.

Corned Beef with Slaw

The Ftank Sinatra — Grilled Corned Beef with Slaw

#51 Frank Sinatra 

Corned beef, coleslaw, melted Swiss cheese, thousand island dressing on grilled rye.

 Absolutely loaded with lean, juicy, and remarkably good corned beef. Beautifully grilled. This sandwich ranks right up there with some of the best deli sandwiches in town. It’s really that good. Probably the best thing I’ve had here.

This is the most popular eating place within the confines of UNMH. Just don’t expect gourmet stuff in any hospital. You are captive here, so enjoy what you can.


Jersey Jacks UNMH

 (505) 925-7590

$ Free Wi-FiKid Friendly

Boar's Head Meats

University Heights
2211 Lomas Boulevard NE,
Albuquerque, NM87106


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3 Responses to Jersey Jacks (UNMH)

  1. Mike says:

    Gotta disagree with you about the 2nd floor Cantina at UNMH. Perhaps you went in there during off hours when no entrees were available. Sure, it’s cafeteria food from Sysco, but any UNM employee can get an entree, two vegetable sides, and bottled juice for a mere 5 bucks! And you don’t wait around for 10 minutes to get your order like you do at Jersey Jacks.

  2. Another Mike says:

    Mike, I have to say that the UNMH cafeteria seems to serve only one purpose and that is to drum up business for the ER and cardiac units. I graze at its salad bar about twice a week and ocasionally dare to try fish there but otherwise it’s a sea of greasy meats and junk food. It’s hard to find any good healthy fare there and it’s highly ironic that the most prominent items with the greatest choice are soda and ice cream!! Yeah, that’s showing the land of enchanted diabetics & obesity some real health leadership.

  3. Yet another Mike says:

    I have to second what Another Mike says above about the UNMH cafeteria.
    I don’t care how cheap it is for us employees or visitors, it’s providing absolutely ZERO health and nutrition education for New Mexicans! Where will they get it if not here?? Is there even nutrition education offered to the med students and residents?
    Jersey Jacks and Subway are also poor substitutes as they are fried food and processed meat heavy. There is another cafeteria in the Mental Health center which I’m trying to locate info on and I’ve been told they have decent offerings if I can just find it!

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