Healthy But Great Tasting Food

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Last updated: July 15, 2018

“If it looks good, eat it. “
                   —Andrew Zimmer

“Life is too short to drink bad wine.”
                            —R.R.P. Chase (Dr. Bob)

Zimmer is wrong. Chase is right, 



Tastes Good?




My Favorite Healthy Food Places in The Land of Enchantment (Alphabetical)

Here is a short list of places that I love and trust that my meal will be healthy. You may notice that there are no Asian places here (save Budai). I am especially fond of Vietnamese and Thai food, but as fate would have it, a  typical bowl of delicious beef Pho contains 3,100 ng. of sodium and a typical 1-cup bowl of Thai Red Curry contains  1,440 mg. of sodium. And who can stop at 1 cup. If, however, you choose carefully and ask the right questions, you can get delicious low-sodium stuff in nearly any Asian restaurant. I do cook Thai curries at home, and can guarantee tat the sodium content is less than 500 mg. You, too, can do this for yourself with the id of the nutritional tool (free)  I discuss later in this article.

Acre (The)

Vegetarian comfort food. Yeah, not dogs, green chile cheeseburgers, chicken wings (pictured), and lots more. Highly inventive.


Budai Gourmet Chinese

Ask the co-owner elsa to have her husband make your meal low sodium and low carb. No msg is ever used ere. Best Chinese food in the state. Pictured: Crispy Pork Intestines.

Grove Café & Market

Great EDO breakfast and lunch spot. Usually crowded, and that’s a good sign. Pictured: Vegan salad stuff, absolutely delicious.


Maya Cuisine/Monk’s Corner Taproom

Best GCCB in town. Get the tasty and spicy slaw, not the fries. BTW, this burger contains 590 Kcal. and 208 mg. sodium (see nutritional details below where I discuss the analysis tool).

Mogo Mogu

Japanese-inspired weekday lunch place. Instead of noodle base, get Tomoku to pile the protein and veggies on zoodles. I have been here 22 times.


Monte Carlo Steak House

Home of my favorite prime rib (pictured) and rib-eye steak. The GCCB is outstanding but there is no cole slaw. Get the delicious onion rings instead, and eat only a few of them (if you can sop).

M’Tucci’s Italian Market and Pizzeria

I have been here 77 times. The chefs know my dietary needs and custom build me a healthy dish, called a roulette. Pictured: Argentinian Pink Shrimp atop veggies on a herbed yogurt base. Thanks, Shawn and Cory.

Poki Poki Cevicheria

Bernie Sanders ate here. This place is a do-it-yourself ceviche-in-a-bowl joint, and, as such, is unique in the Duke City. Choose from scallops, mussels, shrimp, squid, octopus, and more, then add three (or more) veggie thingies, and choose a dressing. Build what YOU want.

Poki Poblano Fusion Lounge

Elvis Bencomo, Albuquerque fusion king, has surfaced in this fabulous new restaurant, which has won my Best Newcomer Award for 2018. The Mixed Ceviche is the best I have had outside of Peru for the past 41 tears.

Seasonal Palate

Food that is both good for you and Good. The Dazzler and I were wowed. Healthy and delicious are not mutually exclusive concepts here. The Shrimp Po’ Boy is especially good. Grilled Shrimp Salad pictured.

Sharky’s and California Oyster Bar

Located on the North Rim of the South Valley, these places (one indoors and the other outdoors) serve up some of the most delicious genuine Mexican food. Same menu at both locations.


OK, you carnivores. Get over your animal desires and go here. It will blow your mind. Did mine!
It has been my experience that vegan,vegetarian food is often more flavorful, beautiful, and vibrant than our beloved animal stuff. And that is the case here. Karen Hammer is a magician.

Google can be your friend sometimes. Google “healthy foods” and you will be inundated with more links than you can possibly read. One such link proposes the The 15 Best Places for Healthy Food in Albuquerque. As with most lists (except mine), don’t believe it.

If your favorite is not on this list, then please leave me a comment at the bottom of this page.

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