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Sweet Grandmas Eat Here…

First visit: July 26, 2010
Last visit: November 1, 2011 

… and they often bring their daughters and sparkling-clean, well behaved grandchildren. This is a gentle place with some of the very best breakfast and lunch food around.

I never thought that I would write words of praise for the lowly Tuna Salad Sandwich. Grove Café raises this creation to heights that I could not have imagined — an art form. Served on lightly toasted bread of your choice, it is as close to perfection as you are likely to get anywhere. Neither too dry nor too wet, the tuna mixture is just right. Goldilocks would have loved it. This old white-hair sure did. Jane raved about her salad.

The beautiful grandchildren here were quietly eating their food, clearly enjoying it too much to indulge in boisterousness. Grandma kept smiling at them. Thanks, Grandma — you done good.

So did the Grove Café. You owe it to yourself to to visit this place and enjoy the food and the people. Look for me — I’ll be back. Probably for the legendary pancakes.

Legendary Pancakes with Fresh Fruit

So I returned for the pancakes.

The Grove Pancakes with fresh fruit and crème fraiche served at Grove Café & Market are not like those mushy and overinflated diner versions that I have had at many places elsewhere on this planet, and are in a celestial class all by themselves. Thin, eggy, and utterly delicious. The fresh fruit is excellent even in the winter. This is (rightfully) one of the Grove’s most popular dishes. Sound the trumpets.

Then there’s the Croque Madame. A croque-monsieur served with a fried egg or poached egg on top is known as a croque-madame (or in parts of Normandy a croque-à-cheval). A croque-monsieur is a hot ham and cheese (typically emmental or gruyère) grilled sandwich. It originated in France as a fast-food snack served in cafés and bars. More elaborate versions come coated in a Mornay or Béchamel sauce.

Croque Madame (November 1, 2011)

The name is based on the verb croquer (“to crunch”) and the word monsieur (“mister”)—the reason behind the combination of the two words is unclear—and is colloquially shortened to croque. While the origins of the croque-monsieur are unknown, there are many speculations on how it was first created. The croque-monsieur’s first recorded appearance on a Parisian café menu was in 1910.Its earliest mention in literature appears to be in volume two of Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past.

The version served at The Grove is spectacular. You will feel as if you had been transported to a French café. Imagine the music floating through the air. This is good stuff.

Grove Café & Market

(505) 248-9800

600 Central Ave SE
Albuquerque, NM 87102
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