Food Myths That Won’t Die

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Ten More Stubborn Food Myths That Just Won’t Die, Debunked by Science

November 6, 2011

From:  Lifehacker 

“When we tackled the topic of food myths last month, our inbox was flooded with more reader-submitted followup myths than we could debunk at one time. We asked our nutritionists back to debunk some more common misconceptions about food, health, and nutrition that are still widely believed, even though there’s overwhelming evidence to the contrary. We also asked them some of your questions. Here’s what they said.”

  • Myth 1: Skipping a Single Meal Will Slow Your Metabolism and Force Your Body into “Starvation Mode”
  • Myth 2: Eat a High-Protein Diet to Gain Muscle Mass
  • Myth 3: Salt is Bad For You
  • Myth 4: Never Freeze Coffee to Store It
  • Myth 5: Pregnant Women Should Avoid Eating Sushi
  • Myth 6: Animal Protein is Better than Plant Protein, or Vegetarians and Vegans Never Get Enough Protein
  • Myth 7: Artificial Sweeteners are 100% Safe
  • Myth 8: Unsaturated Fats are Good, Saturated Fats are Bad
  • Myth 9: Lobsters Scream in Pain When Boiled
  • Myth 10: Turkey Makes You Sleepy Because of Its Tryptophan Content 
See them debunked here….

 Here is the first set of ten myths:

Ten Stubborn Food Myths That Just Won’t Die, Debunked by Science

“Every other week, new research claims one food is better than another, or that some ingredient yields incredible new health benefits. Couple that with a few old wives’ tales passed down from your parents, and each time you fire up your stove or sit down to eat a healthy meal, it can be difficult separating food fact from fiction. We talked to a group of nutritionists and asked them to share the food myths they find most irritating and explain why people cling to them. Here’s what they said.”

  • Myth 1: Never Use Wooden Cutting Boards with Meat
  • Myth 2: Adding Salt to Water Changes the Boiling Point, Cooks Food Faster
  • Myth 3: Low Fat Foods Are Always Better For You
  • Myth 4: Dairy Is The Best Thing For Healthy Bones
  • Myth 5: Everyone Should Drink 64-Ounces or 8 Glasses of Water Every Day
  • Myth 6: High-Sodium Foods Taste Salty, So Avoid Salty Snacks
  • Myth 7: Eating Eggs Will Jack Up Your Cholesterol
  • Myth 8: Searing Meat Seals In Juices
  • Myth 9: Aluminum Foil and Cookware Is Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Myth 10: Don’t Eat After 6/7/8PM

See these debunked here

And here are some  of my own favorites:

  •  Stupid Myth 1: MSG is a meat tenderizer 
    MSG and meat tenderizer are not the same , nor even related. Meat tenderizer is an enzyme that breaks down the connective tissue in meat and makes it more tender. MSG (monosodium glutamate) is a chemical, which like table salt (sodium chloride) adds flavor to food. In other words, no amount of MSG is the same as meat tenderizer. 
    Read more, or FGI.   
  • Stupid Myth 2: Fast food is bad for you.
    A very wise man once said: “all things in moderation”. This ancient phrase applies to most things in life – including fast food. A moderate amount of fast food is no worse for you than a moderate amount of home-cooked meat and vegetables. A constant diet of nothing but fast food may not be the healthiest choice you can make, but then again, eating macaroni and cheese every night is not very healthy either. Variety and moderation are the key to good eating and health. If you feel like a cheeseburger, eat one.
    Check the source.  Nine more here, too. 


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  1. Gil Garduno says:

    Surely, Larry, there are some myths regarding the perceived superiority of chain restaurants which need to be debunked, too.

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