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New Show Celebrates America’s Food Rebels

Via Megan Bedard

“Turning on the boob tube is an easy entry point to the cultural zeitgeist of America.

“A quick perusal of its current offerings reveals a plethora of food-inspired reality shows, signifying America’s obsession with edibles. Daredevil enthusiasts can tune in weekly to watch Andrew Zimmern snack on llama brains, termites, and frog ovary soup in Bizarre Foods. Competitive viewers can get their fix with high-stakes culinary challenges on Top Chef and Iron Chef America. Gluttons can fill up on Man vs. Food, an indulgent hour of Adam Richman downing “big food”—kitchen sinks full of ice cream and 12-pound steaks. And for dessert fans, there’s Ace of Cakes, where even the use of a power drill is not off limits in the quest for a perfect confection.

“Amid the clang of forks and knives, is there anything left to bring to the table?

“Greg Roden thinks so. The Berkeley, California, photographer says Food Forward, a documentary-style show he created with food journalist Stett Holbrook and producer Brian Greene, gets to the meat of a question that has yet to be answered by today’s TV shows: Where does your food come from?

“Set to air nationally this Fall on public television, the show centers around sustainable food production, fueled by interviews with the Americans who are the thrust behind an increasingly dynamic food movement: farmers, food purveyors, urban gardeners, sustainable fishermen, activists and others.

“Each episode will feature a different issue and the grassroots solutions that “food rebels”—Food Forward’s affectionate name for changemakers—are implementing, from sustainable farm fishing in Alaska to rooftop gardening in New York City to organic ranching in Wyoming.”

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