Diets: The Straight Dope

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Here are some links from the Eat Right: Guide to healthy eating, a balanced diet, and nutrition tips | Fitbie:


Should You Try the South Beach Diet Supercharged?

The South Beach Diet Supercharged looks a lot like its prior incarnation. Find out if the diet’s reboot is worth a go

Should You Try the Zone Diet?

This restricted carb diet claims that it’s discovered the exact ratio of carbs to protein to maximize fat loss. Find out the truth behind the hype

Eat Your Water

Hydrating foods provide plenty of fluid and healthy nutrients to fuel hot summer runs

Satisfy Ice Cream Cravings without Packing on Pounds

So long, Mister Softee. Serve yourself a scoop of these cold treats sans guilt

The Nation’s Most Disgusting Eating Contests

Hot dogs aren’t the only things competitive eaters race to inhale every year. Here’s a look back at 10 of the season’s most outrageous all-you-can-eat competitions

Should You Buy into The Belly Fat Cure?

Find out if sugar and carbs are the be-all and end-all when it comes to getting rid of your spare tire

Should You Try the Paleo Diet?

Find out if eating like a caveman will help you lose weight and fend off disease

How to Slim Down Your Summer Cocktails

Savor the flavor of your favorite mixed drinks at a fraction of the calories

Free Yourself from Food Cravings

Declare independence from the cookie jar, the drive thru, and your secret candy stash with these proven strategies and expert tips

How to Burn Off Summer Indulgences

Many of your favorite boardwalk foods are loaded with fat and calories. Find out what it takes to undo the damage


Read ’em and weep. I’ll stick with Dukan because it’s working.


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