Bobcat Bite Restaurant (Closed)

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Fantastic GCCB. Not the Best, but Real Close (#4)

December 14, 2009

#4 GCCB in New Mexico. Photo courtesy Burgers Dogs Pizza Blog

If you, like me, are looking for the world’s best Green Chile Cheeseburger, you must try Bobcat Bite. Their GCCB ranks very high on my scale: fourth. Here’s why:

The patty (10 oz.) is hand-cut, hand-ground, hand-formed, and hand-cooked to your exact specification. Medium rare for me; medium well for Jane. Perfectly done. Topped with Green Chiles and white cheddar and placed on a toasted non-descript bun (as it should be), this creation is truly a masterpiece. Fabulous, and Jane agrees. Served with home fries (no FF here) atop which I had extra Green, it is more than worth the drive from Corrales.

Bobcat Bite Exterior (Photo courtesy Gil Garduño)

Why don’t I think it’s the best? Two reasons: The patty seems to be slightly overworked, and therefore, dense and a tad dry. And the Green could be more piquant. I like my patties slightly crumbly and moist, and I like the Green to be somewhat hotter. Both Owl (in San Antonio) and Sparky’s (in Hatch) get this right. And Sparky’s fries are better than Owl’s, so my GCCB meal rating is, in order, Sparky’s (Hatch, natch), Owl (San Antonio NM), Horseman’s Haven (Santa Fe), and Bobcat. Jane thinks Bobcat is the best. I think Jane is the best.  🙂

All three are fabulous, but I am looking for perfection here. Yeah, nit-picking.

Bobcat is small (five tables inside, three on the porch, and eight seats at the counter -— which was full). It is charming. The staff is good and friendly. Birds eat the leavings that are strewn outside the picture window on the back wall.

Be prepared to wait. It’s worth it. You need to experience this food to believe it. World-class stuff.

See you there —  I’ll be back. As often as I can.

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 Bobcat Bite Restaurant

(505) 983-5319

Ranked #8 on my New Mexico Top Ten
Ranked #4 on my GCCB Hall of Fame

420 Old Las Vegas Hwy Map.10e132a
Santa Fe, NM 87505…
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