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Possibly the best thing about Bad Ass Coffee & Cafe is the name itself. Badass.


Bad Ass Chocolate Balls

First visit: February 19, 2012

Bad Ass is  a gourmet coffee company, serving high quality gourmet coffee by the cup, espresso drinks all hot or cold.  They  have a great line of breakfast and lunch items that can get your taste buds moving.  Along with the  liquid and food business, they offer  gourmet beans in whole in the bag, a unique line of retail merchandise including mugs, hats, T-shirts, chocolates, and so forth, all offered in an atmosphere that whispers Hawaii.

For generations, the donkeys of Kona, Hawaii carried coffee beans down the mountains on the Big Island. Their bellows could be heard echoing as they hauled the heavy loads of coffee up and down the mountainside. The native people of Kona named these hard-working donkeys ‘The Bad Ass Ones’ because of their cantankerous nature and perseverance while carrying the world’s richest coffee. If you listen carefully, their bellows can still be heard today, and their legend lives on at Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii.

Here is what the owners say about Bad Ass:

Looks like Hawaii?

“Bad Ass Coffee Company in New Mexico is locally owned and operated by Heath and Liz Foott and Mike and Cyndi King, area residents. We and our outgoing team of baristas seek to bring the ultimate coffee and dining experience to our patrons by giving them amazing coffee and a taste of Hawaii.
“How are we different than others? Well, our coffee is only roasted after we place our order, meaning that it gets to you hot off the roaster, not weeks or months later. Also, our beans are roasted by type and size, not all together, like other coffee companies.
“What does that mean? It means you get the right roast and taste to fit your preference. You won’t experience that “burnt coffee” taste or smell at Bad Ass Coffee.
“Not only do we serve Kona (100% Made in the USA), Kona blend and various Hawaiian coffees, but we also have fruit smoothies and various teas, hot and iced. Come join us for breakfast burrito or a fabulous sandwich. Or try one of our tasty signature lattes made with Ghirardelli chocolate.
“We are not just another corporate chain. We work, serve and support the community in which we live and feel that when you come to visit, you should be able to relax and enjoy. So come see us soon and undergo the Great Hawaiian Coffee Encounter.”

Double Latte

Do they succeed? Well, yes and no. It may be too soon to tell. Here is what we found so far:

Regular coffee was somewhat weak and bland. The latte was rather miserable on Jane’s first visit, but mine today was excellent. Double Latte with nicely frothed milk. The taste was quite good, and I would not hesitate to try it again.

We both had a cup of Texas Chili. Thick and very beany, it had pieces of real (mot mushily ground) beef, and the spicing was pretty good. We didn’t expect to get a version here that is of dedicated chili houses or bubba-quality stuff. Texans probably would laugh at this concoction, but we both liked it. We certainly have had better, and I make much better in my own kitchen (and so, more than likely, do you). But what the hey—it is what it is, so relax and enjoy it.

Texas Chili

There are about 30 locations from Florida to Hawaii, including the Virgin Islands, Maylasia, and Puerto Rico. — an ambitious start. As chains go, it is among the better ones. We both think that it is better than the local Satellite Coffee joints. Remember that this is not gourmet stuff. For that, you need to go to Napoli Coffee  or Cafe Bella Coffee, Golden Crown Panaderia, Bailey’s on the Beach, or Cafe Giuseppe Espresso or … Pick your own fave.

What others are saying

Andrea Lin The Journal and Duke City Food

Seriously Good Business Name  …because the coffee is actually pretty bad ass. Good strong roasts, friendly people, and a nice selection of breakfasty stuff like pastries and granolas and pre-packed oatmeal cups.
They have burritos and salads and the like but I have not tried them yet. I just love the coffee. Overall, this is a franchise/chain that gets my thumbs up, and those are rare!!!”

Bad Ass Coffee & Cafe

(505) 867-1778

965 F. Hwy 550 Map.29b6403
Bernalillo, NM 87004

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