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Fighting the Good (Food) Fight

New Show Celebrates America’s Food Rebels Via Megan Bedard “Turning on the boob tube is an easy entry point to the cultural zeitgeist of America. “A quick perusal of its current offerings reveals a plethora of food-inspired reality shows, signifying … Continue reading

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The Wiener Pizza

An Albuquerque restaurant owner has come up with a new dish inspired by the scandal that has the whole country making wiener jokes. Luigi’s Restaurant on north Fourth Street is the birthplace of the Anthony Weiner pizza. Owner Luigi Napolitano … Continue reading

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Lucia — Hotel Andaluz (Closed)

Is Lucia DID?  First visit: May 1, 2010Latest visit: January 8, 2011  Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a condition in which a person displays multiple distinct identities or personalities (known as alter egos or, simply, … Continue reading

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Budai Gourmet Chinese

Unquestionably the Best Chinese Restaurant in ABQ. Maybe Even the State… First Visit: August 8, 2010 Sixth Visit: May 16, 2012  I had yet to find a Chinese restaurant in the Albuquerque area that I could rate better than poor-good. … Continue reading

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Jennifer James 101 (Closed)

Spectacular. An Albuquerque Treasure. Expect the Unexpected…. Andrea Lin writes elsewhere on Urbanspoon pages, “Statement: all of the chefs at Jennifer James 101 know how to cook. They’ll take stuff you already like and make it crazy good, and they’ll … Continue reading

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Why is this blog here?

Do we really need a new food blog in Albuquerque? I say yes. So here we go. This will be a different kind of blog that contains not only restaurant reviews, but also other food-related goodies, such as • Diets … Continue reading

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