12 Foods You Should Always Buy Organic

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Aug 17, 2011 @ 2:29 PM
Posted by Yasmin Fahr, Editor

“Buying organic produce seems to be the hot topic of the moment — and for good reason. When you purchase something that has the green USDA-certified organic label on it, you know that the food was grown and harvested with minimal pesticides and following strict regulations, meaning that it’s better for you — and usually tastes better, too. The problem is that organic fruits and vegetables usually cost more than conventional ones (those that don’t have this certification), making eating purely organic quite expensive. But all is not lost.

“For those of you looking to make smarter purchasing choices, the Environmental Working Group has created a list called the ‘Dirty Dozen,’ consisting of foods that you should buy organic over anything else because they have the highest level of toxins when grown conventionally. (EWG also lists the ‘Clean 15’ that highlights the foods with the lowest level of pesticides.)”

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